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A full-scale technology solution that maintains access to healthcare services without compromising the safety of patients or medical staff.

01 Current Situation

Clic Santé

Automated Patient Scheduling & Appointment Management

Clic Santé software enables users to organize emergency care distribution for large populations over a vast geographical area.

Developed during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, Clic Santé is the only platform that automatically distributes millions of appointments in emergency situations.

  • We currently partner with the Quebec government for the province wide Covid-19 vaccination program. We are the online booking platform.

  • We have also created the consent form and are part of the vaccination passport/registry discussion.

  • We also partner with NS Health for NS Health employee vaccination.

Clic Santé saves every pharma between 125-200 staff hours per year associated with appointment bookings alone.

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02 Our solution

A Single Gateway to Thousands of Points of Service

Clic Santé cloud-based platform allows the general public to book online appointments at no charge, without interacting with staff or healthcare professionals.

Our search engine lets clients geo-locate the closest or most convenient points of services.

The reservation, confirmation, reminder and follow-up processes for clients are completely automated. It is user-friendly and adapted to clients of all ages.

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03 Deployment
Map Clic Santé

Wide-Scale Deployment

The Clic Santé solution is self-deploying, allowing for high-speed emergency healthcare distribution over large territories.

We can implement Clic Santé over an entire region within a few days. The solution can be redeployed across a province or a country in a few weeks.

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