Public Health

01 Current Situation


Clic Santé offers a mass appointment management solution developed specifically to respond to complex emergency situations.

With Clic Santé, public health authorities can accelerate the deployment and coordination of emergency services for large populations over vast geographical areas.

Technological Innovations

  • Client Filtering/Managing
  • Symptomatic Client Triaging
  • Care Trajectory Management
  • Prioritizing Vulnerable Clients

Integrated Management of all links in the Healthcare Delivery Chain

Government Authorities

Management Level

Healthcare Services Management and Coordination

Advantages & Benefits

Access to predictive data to manage the allocation of resources and materials

Public Health Managers

Management Level

Deployment of Resources and Service Centres

Advantages & Benefits

Ensure the protection of patients and medical staff

Healthcare Centre Management

Management Level

Scheduling and Appointment Management

Advantages & Benefits

Eliminate unnecessary crowding and line-ups at points of service

Healthcare Professionals

Management Level

Emergency Care Administration

Advantages & Benefits

Increased capacity for patient care

Support Staff

Management Level

Patient Reception and Support

Advantages & Benefits

Eliminate repetitive tasks to increase patient care time

Predictive Data Management

Clic Santé Manager module continuously generates predictive data based on healthcare supply and demand fluctuations, scaled for specific regions or whole countries.

Key Performance Indicators enable health authorities to react proactively to resource, vaccine and/or drug shortages or surpluses.

An effective solution without compromising security.